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Candor is a commodity of uncommon value to our society, yet we see not nearly enough of it.

To be candid is an art. It clarifies expectations and goals. It strengthens relationships. It keeps us on our path. And we have to practice it to perfect it. Nancy Eberhardt is an organizational communication coach, candor strategist, keynote speaker, and author, drawing on the power of straight talk to transform the way we relate—in our lives, relationships, and business.

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Uncommon Candor

In business and in life, the shortest distance between two points is straight talk. But candor doesn’t necessarily come naturally. In her book, Uncommon Candor, Nancy Eberhardt shares with us how one can learn and develop behaviors and authentic ways of speaking that tap into the power of candor. This book is about using straight talk to transform the way you create success in all life’s arenas, from the inside out.

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Communication Coach | Candor Strategist | Author | Keynote Speaker

CEO and Founder of Pathwise Partners, Nancy Eberhardt gives leaders and managers the tools they need to communicate more effectively, transform organizational culture, and focus on what’s truly important. A woman who believes that straight talk has the power to turn any relationship around—business or personal—Nancy is the one you want on your team to help you on your path toward achieving your vision.

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Nancy Eberhardt knows that our failure to be straightforward is a barrier not only to productivity but also to satisfaction. It’s simply no fun to live under illusions, whether on the job or in the home. With her inspirational and instructive tone, she is the mentor today’s leaders and managers need to show them just what is possible when they transform how their team communicates.

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