Being Effective vs. Being Right – 4 Ways to Navigate So Everyone Wins

From politicians on the left versus the right, to the team leaders tasked with trimming budgets, and those stubborn relatives at family reunions… today’s interactions are loaded with tense conflict. The resolutions, however, are less about winning or being “right” and more about being effective communicators. Consider the value of being right versus being effective. […]

Why Acknowledging—Not Ignoring—Mistakes Matters

We’re a culture of celebration. We broadcast successes on social media, thrive on kudos, and feel entitled to credit when it’s due. None of this is disastrous. Recognition and reward are critical for relationships and engagement. Sometimes we must toot our own horn if we’re to stand out. That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. […]

4 Effective Ways to Prevent, De-escalate, or Resolve Conflict Through Better Communication

Today’s headlines are rife with tension and conflict. Too often, people are so focused on winning the argument that they lose sight of the higher goal—finding a workable, viable solution. Resolving—or preventing—conflict is far less about being “right” and much more about being honest, direct and respectful in our discourse. Author and activist Anne Lamott […]

Taking Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses: The Critical Value in Acknowledging Breakdowns

Chances are, you know a CEO (or several) who seems like the eternal optimist. These leaders are perpetually upbeat, enthusiastic, motivational, and generally positive all around. Traits like these are often rooted in passion, which is why we find so many entrepreneurs with this rosy outlook. Understandably, leaders are expected to inspire and engage stakeholders, […]

5 Critical Leadership Lessons: The Thai Soccer Team Rescue

Earlier this summer, we all read and watched the rescue of the boys soccer team stranded in the depths of a cave in Thailand. As the story unfolded, no one knew if saving the boys was even possible. Their dire circumstances included cultural, language and procedural differences; severe logistical and environmental challenges; and the stakes […]