Cultivate Candor In Your Organization

Keynote speaker transforming the way we relate

“Companies with leaders who communicate directly and honestly consistently outperform the competition. So why is candor so uncommon?”

This is Nancy Eberhardt’s question to leaders and teams around the country. She knows lack of candor is the number-one reason for mischief in our relationships. Because of unproductive conversation, we fail to get the velocity and results that we desire. Our failure to be straightforward is a barrier not only to productivity but also to satisfaction. It’s simply no fun to live under illusions, whether on the job or in the home.

With her inspirational and instructive tone, she is the mentor today’s leaders and managers need to show them just what is possible when they transform how their team communicates. Nancy shares many stories about leaders who have learned from their experiences—and about her own evolution in learning the value of candor—illustrating the power of straightforward communication and what we miss when it is lacking. It’s time that we create a culture of candor in our workplaces and in our lives.


This is an examination of why candor is crucial in today’s world—as the main element for leadership, trust, results and relationships. Using audience engagement, humor and stories of good and poor examples of candor in leadership, Nancy delivers a renewed understanding of how direct speaking causes great velocity and encourages more fun at work.

This talk is excellent for leaders, managers and associates of all types of organizations. Nancy’s deep experience in business and non-profits makes her an appealing and credible speaker for groups that are highly diverse, or may be primarily men or women.

In this presentation, the focus is on how to bring candor to our thinking and actions for the best, most-satisfying outcomes for ourselves. The work world is now filled with:

  • Young adults who have fewer than expected options for full-time employment
  • 30–somethings who want more flexible schedules to meet home demands
  • 40–somethings who are interested in “jobs with more purpose and impact”
  • 50 year-olds returning to work
  • Boomers who want to continue to have fulfilling business, charitable and leisure activities well into their retirement years.

Through the use of self-reflective and group exercises, we will explore the facts of today’s world of work and how we identify our true passion and purpose for the most fulfilling next step of our lives. Through stories, case studies and engagement activities, audience members will identify their unique core strengths, preferences and ideas for “what’s next”. This experience will open up new thinking and a process for considering new possibilities.


Each topic above can be presented as:


A keynote, large group or small group workshop or as a breakout session. These can be done as 20 to 45-minute presentations or interactive sessions.


Part of a panel presentation in the areas of leadership, organizational culture, building high-functioning teams, business or nonprofit strategy and execution, and professional development.


Detailed “how-to” workshops, where participants learn and practice tools for increased candor that can be applied immediately at work or in other professional settings. These workshops can be an introduction to a few tools in a time as short as two hours or a real mastery immersion taught over a full day.

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Uncommon Candor: A Leaders Guide To Straight Talk

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