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Harness The Power of Straight Talk To Make Your Organizational Vision Your Reality

Speaking truthfully and directly has far-reaching benefits within an organization

—from fostering trust and respect to facilitating work relationships and allowing everyone to do their jobs more effectively and enjoyably.

But candor isn’t something you can simply decide to “do.” You have to really understand what it means first and then diligently practice straight talk until it becomes a natural part of your everyday interaction.

Strategic planning coach and author, Nancy Eberhardt has brought her compelling message of candor and straight talk to groups ranging from the Virginia Council of CEOs to Volkswagen of North America. In a presentation, panel discussion or workshop format, Nancy will not only explain the principles of candor to your team or group, but she’ll also show you how to deal with dozens of actual situations using forthright communication. Plus, her insights are so relevant and spot-on that you can put them into practice as soon as you return to your desk!

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Candor and communication, professional development, leadership, strategy, organizational culture, team building, and ethics.

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